From the time I could barely reach over the counter, I've been making candies. Growing up on a small town meant that I was blessed with endless hours of quality family time. My mother taught me how to make just about every sweet treat possible. I looked up to her and cherished every moment I had cooking at her feet. This was just the beginning of my cooking obsession.

Years later, my friend Cari, who I've known since the 4th grade, taught me to make these wonderful caramels. Traditionally we would get together every Christmas to make them for friends and family. Before long, word spread, and our caramels were in demand. Holiday orders poured in, as did the opportunity to sell the caramels at one of my favorite boutiques, The Busy Biddy. My little hobby began to get serious.

As the business was growing I knew I needed a helping hand. An old friend from my time in the software industry, Ptarmi, named after the Ptarmigan bird, entered the picture. Her desire to start a small business, coupled with my desire to grow mine motivated us to join forces. Her energy for the business side of this adventure and by obsession with cooking was the perfect combination. Voila! Delicious treats coming your way.

You're probably wondering where we got our name. A close friend of mine was talking to me one day, brainstorming how I got started making caramels. He blurted out, "You make them all by yourself, just like the little red hen. In your own kitchen, sweet and homemade." And that was that. Unlike the original Little Red Hen story moral, "If man does not work, let him not eat," we promise to do all the work and let you enjoy all the eat.

Don't take our word for it, order some of our creamy caramels and see for yourself what sweet indulgence tastes like.